Radical Equations

Book 4 in the Bonnie Pinkwater Series
by Robert Spiller


Math teacher extraordinaire and inveterate busybody, Bonnie Pinkwater, is at it again. When she and her Wiccan friend, Rhiannon Griffith, find the dead body of Bonnie's boss, Vice Principal Clarence Murphy, their day takes a decided turn for the worse. But when that same body disappears then reappears amid the wreckage of a tornado-ravaged high school, Bonnie proclaims things downright weird and decides to nose around. What shows up are killer motorcyclists, suspicious preachers, tyrannical dwarves, high-stakes poker games, land-grabbing CEO's and a damaged math genius desperately needing her help. As Bonnie and Rhiannon sort through the rising body count, Bonnie comes to a disturbing conclusion: Whoever is murdering the good citizens of East Plains, Colorado, has decided to eliminate one meddlesome math teacher.

About the author:

Robert Spiller lives in Colorado Springs with his wife Barbara. Radical Equations is the fourth book in the Bonnie Pinkwater adult cozy mystery series preceded by The Witch of Agnesi, A Calculated Demise, Irrational Numbers, and followed by Napier’s Bones. A Mathematics teacher for thirty five years, Robert recently retired to write full time.

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