Thursday, February 25, 2016

All or Nothing is Now Available!

The playing card game we helped develop, All or Nothing, is finally available!

All or Nothing is a fun, trick-taking card game for 3-6 players, or 3 or 4 teams of two players each. Rounds start with each players stating how many tricks they plan to take—either every trick or none of the tricks—hence the name: All or Nothing. It is fast-paced, with up to 10 rounds of play for each game.

We have done lots of game testing and refining with different numbers of players ranging in age from 8 to, let's just say, a lot older than 8, before releasing it on an unsuspecting public.

The game consists of a custom-designed deck of playing cards in a clear plastic storage box, along with quick-start instructions. In-depth instructions and printable score sheets are available on the All or Nothing web site.

To join the fun, or find out more, click the link below and order a deck or two.

Click here to order All or Nothing at Amazon.