Monday, November 13, 2023

Tossed: A Snack-Sized Mystery Cruise

Tossed Book Cover

Food blogger Murph Murphy is a fish out of water as a competition judge on a cruise ship filled with celebrity chefs, and at least one murderer. He's sure the wrong person is in the brig but he's running out of time to prove it. Once the luxury liner docks in the UK, the real killer will slip away.

The Snack-Sized Mystery series offers readers quick and satisfying dips into the cut-throat culinary world of an inquisitive foodie.

Set sail with Murph as he seeks out perpetrators of crimes against food and man.

Book three of the new mystery series, Tossed: A Snack-Sized Mystery Cruise, is available in bookstores and libraries, and on Amazon in both eBook and print versions.


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