The Garden Varieties Greens Cookbook

by Deborah L Brewer and Patricia E Mays

Enjoy kale, chard, mustard and other greens in 27 recipes for soup, smoothies, eggs, kugel, desserts and more.

Whether you are seeking to add greens to your diet or are simply looking for new ways to enjoy them, this cookbook provides easy recipes, nutritional information and guidelines for the preparation and storage of greens, along with warm advice. Forget for a moment that greens are healthy and serve a dish that is tasty, adventurous and fun.

Recipes include: Basic Braised Greens, Asian Greens Soup, Arugula Frittata, Russian Kale and Bacon Gratin, Colcannon, Chard Apple Galette, and Sorrel Panna Cotta.

About the authors:

For three summers (2010-2012), Debby, who enjoys history, and her mother, Pat, a retired nurse, sold home baked dog treats and fresh organic greens from their gardens at a local farmers' market in southern Colorado. They became cookbook authors in an effort to answer their customers many questions about edible greens.

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