Welcome Friends

A Bold-Lined Coloring Book for Adults
by Deborah L Brewer


Inspired by early 20th century American art and architecture, these 25 original, heartwarming designs include: pets, stained glass windows and lampshades, decorative tiles, nature, cozy vignettes, inspiring quotes and meditative mandalas. There is sure to be something of interest for everyone!

• Simple, uplifting and interesting designs
• Bold-lined drawings are easy to see
• Black framing aids focus
• Pages are printed on only one side
• A single household or LTC facility may make photocopies for members
• Makes a lovely gift

This book is for anyone who might enjoy getting in on the coloring craze but feels left out due to the overwhelming nature of fine-lined, complicated, puzzle-like designs that take days to complete.

Much thanks to everyone who leaves a review.

Welcome Friends will provide many moments of happy and creative contemplation. Order your copy of this delightful coloring book today!

About the author:
Deborah L. Brewer writes, draws, crafts and gardens in Colorado, U.S.A. Holding a B.A., in Liberal Studies, she completed a Professional Certificate in Gerontology in 2015. Debby creates bold-lined, historically inspired coloring books for older adults.

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