A Fresh Look at God by Charles P. Cabell Jr.


A Fresh Look at God describes the spiritual journey of the author as he tries to reconcile the confusing picture of God derived from traditional Judeo-Christian sources with what reason suggests God must really be like. He makes the case for a God who is more parental than judgmental, more loving than angry, more personal than remote, and more understandable than mysterious.

This book challenges many conventional and orthodox Christian beliefs. The results are some new thoughts about the will of God, some limitations of God, the definition of sin, how to pray to God, what the afterlife may be, how to read the Bible, and a new set of commandments.

The author sets up a new framework for a lifelong—and in the hereafter—relationship with God that has real meaning in the modern world.

About the author:

Charles P. Cabell Jr. is a 1958 graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. He holds a Masters Degree (Astronautics) from the Air Force Institute of Technology and a Masters Degree (Systems Management) and Doctoral Degree (Public Administration) from the University of Southern California. He retired from the Air Force as a Brigadier General after a thirty-year career (which included a combat flying tour in Vietnam), and spent nine years as a consultant to industry and the government in the areas of System Engineering, Risk Management, and Project Management.

Fully retired now, he lives with his wife in Colorado Springs. He has two grown children—a daughter and a son—and five grandsons. He now devotes much of his life to writing and publishing (www.impavidepublications.com).

He is also quite active in music. He studies classical piano privately and he is a former member of the Colorado Springs Chorale and the Colorado Springs Opera Chorus and he has written folk songs and choral pieces. In addition, he has over 1500 classical music phonograph records. In 1999, he co-founded Amateur Pianists International, an organization that presents the annual Celebration of the Amateur Pianist, which includes the Rocky Mountain Amateur Piano Competition and other musical activities.

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