Wednesday, April 18, 2018

How to Zazzle

Among other things, Jmars Ink creates POD (print on demand) items like shirts and mugs. We use to produce those items once they have been ordered by a customer. That way, there is not a pile of unsold inventory laying around waiting for someone to order them.

While there are many companies that make POD goods, we have chosen Zazzle to produce ours, as they offer a wide variety of high-quality products along with good support. However, their prices may not the lowest you might find for a T-shirt, for example. To offset the price, there are almost always coupon codes to be found that offer between 15% and 50% (!) off a given category, like those T-shirts. These discount codes are sometimes shown on the front page of their web site and added automatically to the items in your cart. To get the best deals you probably want to join their mailing list (yeah, I know, one more set of junk mail).

There are other things that are beneficial to know when purchasing items on Zazzle, the biggest of which are color selection and changes to the item itself. For example, let's say you found T-shirt that has a cute saying on the front, but you don't like the style or color. Don't Panic! You can fix it! First select the item (click on the pictures below to make them bigger).

Cute, but you don't wear red. Click on the black square on the lower right to change the color.

Nice, but maybe a tank top would be a little cooler. Click on "More (100)" in the "Style" section on the right.

A window pops up on the right with lots more styles to choose from. We'll pick a basic tank top.

And there we are. No longer a red T-shirt--now a black tank top, unique to you. Press "Add to Cart" or choose yet another color. Note that colors are dependent on the particular item chosen. The first item was only available in three colors while the tank top offers several more. You may need to scroll down to see all the colors. A further note is that some images will look better on a light shirt versus a dark shirt. Finally, you can see a discount offer below the price. I'm sure that particular one will no longer be valid at the time you are reading this.

"But," you say, "I'm a GUY. How do I get this awesome shirt for me?" Remember that "More (100)" in the "Style" section? Click on it and then the "For" drop down and select "Men".

Now we can pick a nice warm, men's sweatshirt in navy blue.

One final hint. Once you add an item to your cart, Zazzle doesn't make it easy to get back to the store you were shopping in. Towards the lower right of the screen you can find a small link that will take you back.

See that tiny "View their Store" above? Click on it to return to where you selected the item in the first place. And that's it--Zazzle made easy! Well, maybe not easy...

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