If I’m Making So Much Money…Where Is It?

by L R Wheeler


If I’m Making So Much Money…Where Is It? helps solve the age-old business problem of cash flow. Money comes in and money goes out, but where is the part the business owner gets to keep? How does the business manage growth? The author, a practicing CPA for many years, taught seminars that showed people how to figure out just where their money is going. This book encapsulates the knowledge bestowed in those seminars in a story-telling style that is both educational and entertaining. It covers the entire business process from ordering inventory to pricing to understanding and creating useful financial reports, and speaks to both accounting professionals and non-accountants tasked with running a business.

About the author:

Larry draws on 46 years of knowledge gained as a principal and founder of several CPA firms, General Manager of a prime contractor to the government, Chief Financial Officer of a national manufacturer, member and/or advisor of the Board of Directors to numerous businesses, and thousands of consultations with business owners, to give insight into how to operate a successful business.

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